Friday, February 12, 2010

Do You Need An Erection For Waxing Interested In Getting A Brazilian Wax?

Interested in getting a brazilian wax? - do you need an erection for waxing

I'm always interested in a Brazilian wax, but I am afraid to have an erection, and pushed back the foreskin and accidentally wax over the head while working the beautician. I am also concerned that the beautician was afraid that I get an erection. All ideas on how to overcome this phobia?


Kate M said...

But it was cool, and you are less likely to have an erection. And secure instant messaging, even if you, you will not have the first or last erection beauticians! Do not worry, everything will be fine!

I hope my advice helped. xxx

Hey Now said...

To do with a man. Unless you're into such things. So do a woman. Unless you're in this kind of thing. Then do it yourself, no matter what else!

Dave M said...

Just do it at home. Get a little melted wax and apply, then remove ......... Wax. It's cheaper this way, and no embarrassing moments.

Rocketships and Radios :] said...


Sorry, I do not see this scene from Zoolander spa again and again ....

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